Good morning, welcome to McCann London's (temporary) online home. At McCann, we believe that when a truth is well told, it changes things. Truth is always the most powerful place to start. It's the undisputable heart of an idea, which is why we put it into all we do. Here's a small taste.

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Qatar Financial Centre: Pavarotti Cropped

Qatar Financial Centre helps make it easy for companies to set up in Qatar. By providing assistance on matters like tax and business opportunities, they facilitate those companies' success. Working off the insight that success doesn’t happen on its own, we created a campaign that features big stars, but crops them out of frame. And by doing so, it draw the audience’s eye to the unsung hero – the one who, like QFC, makes success happen.

Subway: Gareth

The My Sub My Way™ campaign is all about getting exactly what you want. So we created a series of ads that deliver empowerment in the form of a 6-inch Sub. Following the same narrative as Keith, Janet, Bruce, and Sturridge, we see the life of our average Joe transformed when he finds himself in a SUBWAY® store. In our latest spot, the flamboyant flamenco-dancing Gareth Twinkleman, finally finds the natural outlet for his passion, when he orders the new Spanish-style sub.

Homepride: Fred

Homepride brand mascot Fred is delighted to make a return to TV, radio and Twitter as the new and improved 6ft-something Fred, after a 15 year hiatus. Formerly a talkative and tiny animated character, Fred is back to help Mum make mealtimes a massive success with his crowd-pleasing cooking sauces. And this time, his painted on smile seems wider than ever.

Momondo: Friend Compass

We’ve teamed up with the travel search site Momondo to create the world’s first Friend Compass. Friend Compass uses your phone's GPS and Facebook’s API to determine where in the world your Facebook friends are relative to your current position. It then finds you the best possible fares to their destination. Visit the website or download the app here and go forth to cheaper flights.

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